Empire State Association of the Deaf hosts 150th Biennial Conference in Embassy Suite Hotels at East Syracuse on October 1st through 4th.


Come one, come all!

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Sean Gerlis

From: Ray Parks
Subject: 2013 Spring Issue of ES-NEWS

Hello ESAD Members and Friends,

Please see the attachment, ES-NEWS Newsletter of Spring 2013, for your quarterly reading. Hope you will find it aplenty to read.

Ray S Parks Jr
Editor. ES-NEWS

To download the ES-NEWS Newsletter Spring 2013 PDF document, please click here.

ESAD President Video Blog (VBlog) number four was done on March 1.  This VBlog will explain about 5 topics that ESAD recently focused on that are the visit to Albany; Child Protect Services concern; interpreter license update; a bit information on March 9 Board meeting; and June 6-9 Conference.  Enjoy!

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso

Hello ESAD members and friends,

Here’s the winter 2012-2013 issue of the ESAD newsletter. Hope you all enjoy reading it. To download, please click here to view PDF document.

ESAD Newsletter Editor, Ray Parks

ESAD President Video Blog number three was done on December 6.  This video blog will explain what is happening with the Interpreter License Bill that will start in Janruary 2013.  Enjoy!

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso

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ESAD President Video Blog number two was done on November 8.  We apology for the development to take some time.  Dave is aware that some people are curious about interpreter license bill in Albany.  Dave plans to do this sometime next week.  Please be patience and enjoy the video blog (Vblog!)

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso

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Hi everyone,

ESAD wrote a Letter to Mayor Bloomberg on Nov 8, 2012 to thank him for having an interpreter on Television with him during the emergency of Hurricane Sandy.  ESAD strongly supports having an interpreter on television although there were some comments that made fun of the interpreter.

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso

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Empire State Association of the Deaf
69thBiennial Conference
June 6-9, 2013
Holiday Inn ~ New Hartford, New York


The 69th Biennial Conference of the Empire State Association of the Deaf (ESAD) will be held on June 6-9, 2013 in New Hartford, New York. The theme is “Dream On…Deserve More.” The Utica Civic Association of the Deaf (UCAD) is proud to be the local host for the Conference!

There will be workshops and general meetings scheduled during the Conference.

There will be a banquet and Silent Auction on Saturday, June 8, 2013.
We are looking for any businesses or organizations interested in SPONSORSHIP for the Conference! Sponsorship includes advertising space in the program book for the Conference, a booth exhibiting your business or organization at the Conference, and many more!

Individuals or organizations interested in sponsorship OR advertising space in the program book OR reserving a booth at the Conference can contact us at UCADeafCNY@gmail.com for more information.

Registration, hotel details, and additional information about the Conference itself will be shared soon!

Documents for the Conference:

Information about the Conference will also be posted on ESAD’s website:

Spread the word!
We hope you can join us!

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Job Position – Mental Health Technician

Chilton Shelby Group Home- Mental Health Technician – Deaf Services


Job Description

Mental Health Technician
Deaf Services Group Home
Clanton, AL

Relief Positions Available
On Day, Evening, and Night Shifts

Candidates must possess proficiency in American Sign Language.

1.Provide personal, direct care for consumers with mental illness diagnosis
who are also deaf or hard-of-hearing.
2.Pass medications under the direction of a Medical Assistance LPN.
3.Provide transportation to day habilitation and/or consumer appointments.
4.Provide basic living skills training and assistance.
5.Provide communication assistance to the consumers through the use of Sign
Language or language of the consumer’s preference. Ensure that consumers
have access to assistance by a qualified interpreter.
6.Maintain policy of confidentiality.


*High School Diploma or equivalent required
*Current AL Driver License and safe driving record
*Fluent in Sign Language as demonstrated through the Sign Language
Proficiency Interview. A score of Intermediate Plus level or greater is
*Prior experience serving clients who are deaf or hard-of-hearing preferred.
*Prior experience working with clients with mental illness or intellectual
disabilities preferred.
*Excellent customer service skills and professionalism required.

Job Position-Deaf Care Worker-Tuscaloosa
Deaf Care Worker-Bryce Hospital

SALARY RANGE: 50 ($21,722.40 – $30,724.80)

- Works primarily in a specialized psychiatric unit providing care,
habilitation, and rehabilitation of deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH)
patients with co-occurring disorders of mental illness and chemical
dependency in a state mental health hospital.
- Performs basic nursing care and assist patients with personal hygiene
and activities of daily living.
- Observes patients closely and documents patients’ physical and mental
- Maintains the security of patients.
- Accompanies patients off unit to hospital activities, functions, and
off hospital grounds to medical appointments and field trips.
- Communicates with D/HH patients in sign language.
- Performs assigned work under supervision of professional nurses and
LPNs with instructions from physicians.
- Performs related work as required.


- Must be 18 years of age.
- Graduation from a standard high school or GED equivalent.
- Possession of a valid Alabama Driver’s License.
- Proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL) at “native” or near
“native fluency” level of signing skills as measured by a recognized
screening process, such as SLPI/SCPI at the “Advanced” level or higher.

How to apply:
Use an official application for professional employment (exempt classification) which may be obtained from this office.
The application should be returned to Personnel Office, Bryce hospital, 200 university Blvd., Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35401 until filled in order to be
considered for this position.

Do not return this application to the state personnel department.

Please have an official copy of transcript (s) forwarded to the personnel department at the above address.

Joint commission accredited/equal opportunity employer.

Steve Hamerdinger, Director
Office of Deaf Services
Alabama Department of Mental Health
Division of Mental Illness and
Substance Abuse Services
PO Box 301410
Montgomery, Al 36130
Phone/VP: (334) 239-3558


Happy New Year to all of our Members!

On behalf of the board of ESAD, please accept our best wishes for a happy new year.  ESAD hopes that 2011 will be a good year for all our members and supporters across New York State. As many of you know, 2010 was a tough year economically for Deaf New Yorkers and families. ESAD is hoping that our new Governor Cuomo and Lt.  Governor Duffy will be more understanding and supportive of the Deaf community. As many of you know, Lt. Governor Duffy hails from Rochester and has a good understanding of Deaf community needs which hopefully will help create favorable policies and regulations benefitting Deaf New Yorkers. Widespread mainstreaming of school aged Deaf children and cuts to funding of “4201” schools continue to be major concerns that ESAD is aware of. ESAD is also working to keep the NYS Interagency Council of Persons who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing functioning despite major statewide funding reductions that have impacted the council’s full potential. Please be sure to save the dates of June 23-26, 2011 for ESAD’s biennial conference in Buffalo.  More details will follow in this newsletter. Your support and continued membership are important to ESAD! Again, ESAD wishes all of you a good new year!
ESAD Biennial Conference Updates
Conference co-chairs, Carolyn Cross and Melissa Lackey of BCAD in Buffalo are working hard with a dedicated group of committee members to bring together a great weekend of workshops, activities and banquet dinner tied in with our theme of “Expanding 21st Century Deaf Advocacy, Education and Technology”. The conference will be held from June 23-26, 2011 at the Buffalo Hilton Garden Inn near the airport on Genesee Street. If you are interested in presenting a potential workshop relating to Deaf advocacy, education or technology, please contact the conference committee at BCADeafWNY@yahoo.com. Conference registration and hotel reservation details will be posted by early spring on ESAD’s website, www.easd.org. ESAD extends a BIG thank you to the BCAD conference planning committee!
ESAD November 2010 Board Meeting
ESAD’s last 2010 board meeting was held at the NYS School for the Deaf (NYSSD) in Rome on Saturday, November 13th. Susan Snyder, SWAD, Deborah Pardi, UCAD and Mike Cross, BCAD represented their branches along with the Executive Committee, Dave Staehle, President, Steve Lovi, Vice President and Dean DeRusso, Secretary.  Meeting minutes and various reports will soon be posted on the ESAD web site. Next quarterly ESAD board meeting will be held in Rochester on February 19, 2011.
NAD 50th Biennial Conference
This past summer, NAD held their 50th biennial conference in the “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia, PA. ESAD sent two representatives, Dean DeRusso and Steve Lovi along with two student representatives from NTID/RIT for a total of four New York State delegates. ESAD’s delegate committee submitted five priority proposals and four out of these five were selected for the top twenty NAD 2010-2012 priorities. Of particular interest to the ESAD delegates was the success story of how the state of Wisconsin was able to pass an interpreter licensing bill with the help of their state association affiliate, Wisconsin Association of the Deaf (WAD). ESAD is hoping to encourage branches, members and supporters to support efforts in a NYS interpreter certification or licensing bill during 2011.
Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010
The first federal effort to update telecommunication regulations in decades was recently passed. As part of this bill, new requirements to provide captioning on internet sites were an important issue for the Deaf community. Hopefully in the coming year, Deaf viewers will see improvements in captioning and quality with internet providers and web sites along with streaming videos. Netflix has been a big target of the Deaf community for on-line movie viewing as well as You Tube.
ESAD’s Hlibok Family Member named to FCC’s Disability Rights Office
Greg Hlibok, the son of longtime ESAD members, Albert and Peggy Hlibok has recently been named as the new incoming Chief of the Disability Rights Office (DRO) under the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau. The FCC is now making the most significant changes to disability access law regulations since the creation of ADA over 20 years ago in which Greg Hlibok will oversee. Mr. Hlibok is the first Chief of the Disability Rights Office to be Deaf/Disabled.
Gerald Buckley, ESAD Member becomes new NTID President
Dr. Buckley, known as Gerry to many was selected be the new incoming NTID President beginning January 1, 2011. Gerry is the first graduate of NTID/RIT to serve as the President of NTID. Gerry has supported ESAD in many capacities and considers ESAD to be an important part of NYS and Rochester. ESAD is fortunate to have both Dr. Buckely and Dr. Alan Hurwitz, former President of NTID and current President of Gallaudet University as long time members of ESAD. Good luck to you Gerry.
Terri Stransky joins as ESAD’s new Membership Coordinator
Terri has joined ESAD as our new membership coordinator and will be responsible for helping to remind members and branches of their membership renewals. ESAD looks forward to having Terri on board to also help with recruitment, newsletters and mailings.