Senate bill #6128

Yes! We wanted to be treated with respect.

The Senate bill #6128

Changes references in law from “hearing impaired” to “deaf or hard of hearing”.



An act to amend the executive law, the legislative
law, the public service law, the public buildings law, the education
law, the social services law, the general business law, the civil
service law, the workers’ compensation law, the agriculture and
markets law and the public housing law, in relation to changing
references to “hearing impaired” to “deaf or hard of hearing”


To modify terminology throughout New York State law related to
individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing


This bill amends sections of the executive law, legislative law,
public service law, public buildings law, education law, social
services law, general business law, civil service law, workers’
compensation law, agriculture and markets law and public housing law
to change “hearing impairment” and “hearing impaired” to “deaf’ or
“hard of hearing” throughout New York State laws.


According to National Association “hearing impaired” establishes the
standard that hindered or damaged in some way. The terminology
impaired” to deaf or hard of hearing provides us appropriately
describe a category of people with of the Deaf (NAD), the term a
person is impaired, change from “hearing with an opportunity to
hearing loss.


New bill.



This act shall take effect immediately; provided that the amendments
to section 92-a of the public service law, made by section five of
this act, shall not affect the expiration and reversion of such
section, and shall expire therewith when upon such date section six of
this act shall take effect.

Please contact your senator know that they know that we are in favor of this bill. This bill ensures the “People First” when categorize Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in New York State Laws instead of belittling us with the medical derogatory term, hearing impaired.

Find your senator here.



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